Gyeon wet coat

€ 14,00

Q2 WetCoat is probably the world's easiest way to coat a vehicle with quartz based self-cleaning layer. It takes as much as washing the car (optionally using Q2M Iron or Q2M Clay for better results/if needed), then simply spraying Q2WetCoat onto vehicle’s wet surface and rinsing it with a pressure washer. This remarkable coating secures not only an outstanding hydrophobic effect but also provides a great look to your car. Q2WetCoat outshines most of natural waxes and popular spray sealants in terms of its durability, because it lasts up to 3 months. It is ready to use, silica based, touch less spray sealant, which proves to be a perfect solution when time matters. Owning to its great self-cleaning abilities, it helps to maintain perfect looks of your vehicle on the daily basis.